How to verifiy if app2sd is working

After installed app2sd, now you wonder if the app2sd is succesfully installed or not.

You can check it through adb commands.

  1. Go to windows > run > cmd
  2. type cd <your sdk tools directory> i.e cd c:/sdk/tools
  3. type adb devices
  4. type adb shell
  5. type su. Grant the su access through your X10 if asked
  6. type busybox df -h and it will show someline with /system/sd and /sdcard. It means your filesytem succesfully mounted into your sdcard
  7. type cd /data/app
  8. type pwd and it will show /system/sd/app. It means symlinks is setup propely.

You can use mount  within adb shell to check wheter your ext2 partion in SD card mounted successfully mounted.

Install some application, and check with ls /system/sd/app if the applications you’ve installed are there.


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