Update Sony Ericsson X10 to Eclair (Android 2.1)

Sony Ericsson has released eclair for their X10 line since this beginning of November 2010.

It offers better user experience than before like Video HD recording with autofocus, speed, and many other things.

You may updated your X10 by yourself, and believe me, it’s piece of cake.

Let’s do it!

  1. Backup your contacts, messages, and applications since it will write off your X10 like factory reset.
    You can backup your contacts through google sync or sony ericcson sync or use Backup and restore application if you’ve upgraded the firmwire into R2BXX last time.
    You can use titanium backup to backup your applications.
  2. Download Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS) from Sony Ericsson website. The size is around 35.3 Mb.
  3. Install SEUS and after it finished, run the Service Update application. Don’t plug your X10 in this step. Take your battery off for around 30 seconds.
  4. Follow the screen instruction. When the screen show like below, put your battery back, press the X10’s back button (rightmost button) and plug micro usb cable into X10. Release the back button after the instruction said so.


  5. The update process will continue. It will download the firmwire first (around 163Mb) and then will install it automatically.
  6. When it done, plug your microusb and restart your X10. It may take a while for your X10 to restart and bring up the welcome screen.

Done, and you get eclair on your phone.

Having difficulties? Just leave a comment and I’ll help you 🙂


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