Root X10 Eclair (Android 2.1) using SuperOneClick

Now, you have eclair for your X10 and want to get your X10 rooted.

Why rooted? Some application like Shoot Me (Screen Grabber) only works if your X10 have been rooted. Another reason is to use app2sd, which allow you to install applications into sdcard rather than internal memory, need your X10 to be rooted first.

Is it difficult? Absolutely No. Just follow these instructions carefully.

  1. Download SuperOneClick from here
  2. Extract the into your local disk and run SuperOneClick.exe by double click it
  3. Activated USB Debugging from your X10. Go to setting > Applications > Development > tick USB debugging and plug your micro USB into X10.
  4. Back to SuperOneClick and click root button. Wait until it confims your X10 has been rooted

If the progress is halted, just plug off your micro USB, untick the USB debugging, plug the micro USB then re-tick USB debugging. And it should solve the problem.

Having difficulties? Just leave a comment and I’ll help you 🙂

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