App2sd for X10 Eclair (Android 2.1)

Your X10 is already using eclair and has been rooted.

You want to install the application but suddenly you found the internal memory is not enough. What will you do? Uninstall other applications to free the space?

Actually, you can install the applications into your SD card rather than internal memory. Follow these instructions to get app2sd work for you.

The first step is to partition your SD card.

  1. Makesure you have backup your SD card into your computer since it will wipe all of your data in your SD card.
  2. Mount your SD card (slide down notification bar > USB connected > Mount)
  3. Download MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition from here and install it
  4. Select your SD card. Remember, don’t choose your local drive!
  5. Delete the existing partion in SD card
  6. Create new partion with these rules:
    • 1st Partion is FAT32 filesytem and the type is primary. Partion size is depends on your preference but remember you have to enough space for the 2nd and 3rd partions below.
    • 2nd Partion is Ext2 filesystem and the type is primary. Partion size is bigger than 1.4 Gb (prefer to set around 2Gb)
    • 3rd Partion is Swap filesystem and the type is primary. Partion size is 1.5 of X10 memory (1.5 x 384 Mb = 576 Mb)
  7. Verify you have make the correct one and click apply button to execute
  8. Once it done, unmount your SD card and do reboot your X10

The second step is to install the app2sd itself.

  1. Download app2sd, the android sdk (for adb), and the busybox
  2. Extract the android sdk in your local root directory, i.e. C:/SDK
  3. Extract app2sd and busybox and copy them into your sdcard root directory (don’t put them in folder)
  4. Run the command line windows > run > type cmd
  5. In your command line screen, type cd <your sdk tools directory> i.e cd C:/SDK/tools
  6. type adb devices
  7. type adb shell
  8. type su, superuser window will pop up in your x10, grant the access through your x10
  9. type sh /sdcard/
  10. choose 0
  11. wait untill it finish and phone will be reboot


Sometimes, the script gives you error message but it is ok. Don’t forget to kill your running applications in X10 before installation.

Having difficulties? Just leave a comment and I’ll help you 🙂

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