Google Android’s Code Names

Every version of Android’s code is named after dessert item. Android
was launched to public first time using version 1.5, the code name’s


Prior Cupcake, android was on Alpha and Beta stage.


These are the android code names:


* Alpha
* Beta
* Cupcake (android 1.5)
* Donut (android 1.6)
* Eclair (android 2.1)
* Froyo (android 2.2)
* Gingerbread (android 3.0?)
* Honeycomb (android ??)


Have you already guessed Google’s pattern in naming their Android
version? If so, just comment on this post.


The next Android Gingerbread has it’s minimum requirements for this OS
to run on a device are 1280×760 screen resolution with screens not
smaller than 3.5″, at least 512MB of RAM and at least 1GHz CPU. Most
of the current android devices won’t be able to get this demanding OS.


Maybe Frozen Yoghurt is your last dessert to have 🙂

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